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Hey Abe. Thanks for all the posts. I love them.

I was thinking doing the same (scraping data) and search with keywords that I am looking for.

but I will use docker mongo since it would be faster and I just got my m1 macbook pro which is freakishly fast.

I hope you the best!

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Designer Fund is a great place to start to find design-centric startups. But there are many more out there, to be sure. https://www.designerfund.com/#our-companies

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Very cool analysis. Impressed you took the time to run this, and glad that you did!

As a entrepreneurial-minded designer/PM, it’s good to know that I would stand out amidst other founder types. I’d argue against the thought of design being something to be invested in down-the-road. However, depending on the nature of the business, it definitely could be outsourced in the initial stages of a product, but as with any outsourcing that will come with a trade off in quality.

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