Hi Abe, thanks for sharing all your ideas, I just had to look up on HN Algolia this post for inspiration as I'm approaching a career shift. I haven't found a better way to connect with you than these comments.

Are there any websites to meet cofounders for a techie but non-fintechie cofounder like myself?

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About "Problem Space": why there's no law, law tech or similar?

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Why is 80% men a 'problem'?

Men are known to be the more risk-seeking sex/gender, no? It seems to make sense given our evolutionary background. If we assume that men have a 20% higher tendency to take career risks then at the tail of a distribution (people creating a startup) we can expect we will find significantly more men.

This is without any need for structural discrimination, just based purely on how distributions occur.

Here's a meta analysis of 150 studies that backs up this idea in different categories.


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